The Avantess name is derived from the term Avante-garde, meaning “leading edge or innovative and ahead of its time”. The Avantess Energy Storage System (ess) range is REDEI’s flexible, modular based energy storage system that can grow as your energy needs change. The Avantess Range of cabinets includes a variety of sizes to suit the projects individual needs.


Options include the Avantess Compact, the Avantess Classic (single door and 2 door) and the Avantess Grande (2 door and 3 door). 

 REDEI Avantess Compact                    REDEI Avantess Classic                    REDEI Avantess Grande

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The Avantess Cabinets use cloud technology, so you can get all the information you want from wherever you are, in an easy to read and understand format. The system includes proven, marine grade components from century old Dutch company Victron, who have supplied quality energy products to the world for over 40 years (1975). Best of all, the Avantess includes Australian made Tardis batteries, specifically designed for safe energy storage and use in the tough Australian environment. This is the only battery we know that loves the Australian sun.



  1. Uninterrupted power available at full battery capacity, even when the grid is down

  2. Uses long life batteries that are safe, reliable, light weight and compact

  3. Can allocate power where you want it, when you want it

  4. Provides phase compensation for greater power efficiency and therefore lower power cost

  5. True outdoor system without the need for artificial cooling

  6. Battery designed and made in Australia for harsh Australian conditions

  7. Free online monitoring of system performance via your computer, phone or tablet

  8. You can choose from a range of powder coated cabinet colours

  9. Australian made cabinet that retains its attractive appearance even when located outside *

  10. System is easy to install using a “plug and play” approach

  11. Low maintenance system with proactive problem-solving capacity

  12. Choose cabinet type to suit your environment**

  13. Batteries can be discharged to 100% capacity

  14. Batteries are fast charge and discharge capable

  15. 10 Year warranty on batteries or 3,000 cycles whichever comes first

  16. Operating conditions -20°C to +60°C

  17. Modular so further energy storage capacity of up to 21kWh per module can be added when required

  18. Batteries are made from stainless steel, cylindrical cells using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. This means the batteries are made for safe energy storage***

  19. Major components are quality, marine grade for rugged, long life applications

  20. The system is a AC/DC hybrid. This means it does not care where the energy comes from i.e AC (Grid) or DC (e.g. solar) nor how it is used i.e. own consumption, battery storage or back to Grid




Avantess Compact

24V Swift Power Pack System


Features include - 


  • Easy to Install: Can be installed in a few hours by 2 people. No concrete footing required, can be used in a wide range of soil conditions Components are easily interlocked

  • Portable: Light weight, rugged components

  • Environmentally Robust: Can operate in a diverse range of temperatures -10C to +60 C and humid conditions

  • Long Life: Battery expected to provide 3000 plus cycles

  • Servicing simple and infrequent

  • Safe and Secure: Prewired, pretested, and can be certified to withstand high winds. Cabinet can be protected via sturdy master key locking system

  • Remote Monitoring: Data on system performance and warnings can be made available remotely via additional system monitoring equipment connected to a Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)



  • Emergency power supply

  • Solar energy storage system

  • UPS backup power

  • Portable emergency lighting

  • Security systems

  • Individual residence power supply

  • Remote power supply






































Avantess Classic Single Door 





















Avantess Classic 2 Door 
























Avantess Grande 2 Door










Avantess Grande 3 Door  

















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* Long term appearance will depend on material chosen and placement of cabinet
**Choose from Zinc/Steel (indoor), Aluminium or Marine Grade Aluminium (Outdoors)
***The cylindrical cell LFP technology used in the Tardis battery has many advantages over most other batteries on the market. It is designed to provide safe energy storage. We avoid more unstable chemistries that could cause fire or

explosion. Nor do we use satchel technology with its thermal limitations


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