Off-Grid Cattle Stations
(Remote Area Power System)

REDEI specialise in Custom integrated enclosures housing REDEI solar and battery system components. Modified shipping containers, bespoke floor standing enclosures and bespoke skid mounted walk-in enclosures.

Benefits of REDEI's Self-Contained Solar and Energy Solutions

- Easy to maintain

- User-friendly

- Fit for purpose solar and energy storage solutions

- Factory assembled and tested in a controlled factory environment - Minimises interruption to site operations

- Protection from external environmental factors such as dust, vermin and fluctuations in temperature, rain etc.

- Temperature controlled area protects the electronic and battery components to ensure maximum life expectancy

- Provides a secure, lockable restricted access area for authorized personnel - Minimising theft and external tampering risk

- Built in safety features - Automatic smoke and fire detection and alarm

- Portability - Has the potential to be moved or relocated to a different site.


REDEI produce and stock the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All products are installed by a skilled team of designers and installers. Contact us today to discuss your energy generation and storage needs on +61 (03) 8752 2379.

Recently REDEI has undertaken a large scale renewable energy project in two sites, ​Benmara and Rockhampton Downs, in the Northern Territory. Both sites include custom designed and pre-fabricated insulated container with air-conditioners, they are equip with flexible inverter output capacity (KVA), flexible battery capacity (KWh) and flexible solar input capacity and type.

Each containerised system has generator/mains grid power input and were delivered and installed by REDEI installers and engineers.

These custom systems have been installed with remote monitoring service and fault rectification is now possible through the installation of remote access software.




Rockhampton Downs 

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