REDEI is a company born out of passion and expertise in the renewable energy sector. This Australian company was founded in 2019 by the directors of Renewable Energy Alliance Ltd (REA). Those directors were also responsible for the set up and development of other successful businesses, the most well known being EcoPower Group (EPG) and MagEfekt.

For many years EPG has successfully designed and installed medium to large on and off grid solar power systems. MagEfekt as an R&D and solutions engineering based company, developed their unique Tardis range of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and energy storage systems.

Today, REDEI manufactures both its own batteries plus Tardis batteries under licence. It also designs, builds and installs it own “Avantess” range of unique power storage systems as well as meeting customer energy requirements by integrating innovative “state of the art” power systems to existing conventional systems such as mains grid connection and diesel generator installations.

REDEI's skilled team of designers and installers can provide our customers with cost-effective, easy to maintain & fit for purpose energy solutions. We engage industry experts within the group, backed up by experienced project management to ensure a cost-effective solution is integrated into your business or project with minimal disruption.

REDEI's network of suppliers gives customers access to competitive quality components and reliable system solutions for their energy needs. Local support is critical to ensure a REDEI installed system is reliable. Our people are knowledgeable, local and accessable. As a local company operating out of Australia, we offer ongoing planned maintenance by trained and qualified local personnel.

Our company’s success will be measured by providing our customers with a cost-effective solution while delivering on our promise of providing innovative technology and superior ongoing service. Through strong leadership and innovation REDEI will strive to maintain a leadership position in the renewable industry sector.