Jelbart Dairy Farm Project

REDEI have recently delivered a large scale solar and battery system at the Jelbart Dairy farm in Gippsland Victoria. The Dairy Farm has a herd of approximately 1,000 milking cows. Prior to the operation of the REDEI system, the dairy's main source of energy was a 40kVA 2 phase SWER supply transformer. REDEI performed power quality measurements and realised that the peak demand was in excess of 60kVA. The farm's power requirements clearly exceeded the safe operating limits of the transformer. REDEI's solution has increased the available supply capacity to meet the farmers current and future power demands, without the need for an expensive upgrade of the grid supply.

REDEI's team of energy specialists are made up of electricians and professional engineers who specialise in the planning, design, procurement, installation and commissioning of renewable energy systems to meet individual customer needs. 
The REDEI solar and battery system was pre-assembled in a modified 20ft insulated and airconditioned shipping container at the REDEI factory in Dandenong South. The fully integrated system is then delivered to site minimising disruption to customer operations. The system is remotely monitored by REDEI, including performance, battery status and health, and notification of any system alarm issues.







Jelbart Dairy System Performance Overview



     Redei 20ft Container                                                               Section of roof mounted solar

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