Max Coulthard


Max Coulthard
Managing Director
General Manager - Redei Services

Max Coulthard has extensive business experience both as a management consultant and company director.  He has been a director of several entities including Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Carbonetix, Love’em Treats, Frankston Business Chamber, Magefekt, Business Development Institute and more.  Max was a Corporate Banker at Westpac before moving to Monash University where as a Senior Lecturer he taught business strategy and international business for the Dept of Management, Faculty of Business, both at Graduate and undergraduate level.  He has co-authored four books on strategy and international business and published over 30 academic research papers. 

Daniel Jung
General Manager - Redei Innovations

Daniel has extensive industry experience as an A grade Electrician in large scale projects throughout Australia and abroad. His project management skills have allowed him to lead crews and projects across many different disciplines of the electrical industry, specializing in the renewable energy space with solar, battery storage, wind and micro-hydro. After co-starting his own business EcoPower group, in 2008, Daniel was able to win multiple Clean Energy Council Awards. In recent years, Daniel and EcoPower group have joined forces with other members of the Renewable Energy Alliance to form the REDEI Renewable Energy Alliance company we are today.

David Treanor
General Manager - Redei Operations

David has vast experience spanning over 23 years in the automotive industry both here and in the United States. With previous positions ranging from customer Interfacing Engineer, Quality Manager, Design and Development, Engineering Business Process and Operations Manager, David has managed the entire process of many multi-million dollar projects of cars built at GM Holden (Commodore) and North America (Camaro). After co-starting the Redei company, David has been able to using his extensive knowledge in design, development, testing and validation to help engineer the unique Redei Tardis battery that can be used in a variety of Renewable energy systems.

Ian Sinkins 
General Manager - Redei Solutions
Olivia Loos 
Marketing Manager

Ian has over 30 years post graduate experience in the electrical and electronics industry working in the UK, France, Germany and Australia. Extensive project engineering and management experience in the power generation sector for ALSTOM and CEGELEC for large conventional power station infrastructure projects in France and China. Ian's extensive product engineering and management experience for capacitor manufacturing companies BHC Aerovox, Evox Rifa and Hitachi AIC focused on the industrial OEM power equipment sector. Ian has spent the past 5 years delivering multiple MWh of Hitachi AVRLA BESS systems in Australia. Ian brings his industry experience to strengthen REDEI’s Lithium battery business development, and application in REDEI turnkey renewable Hybrid power system projects and products, as well as project support for REDEI electrical contracting activities.

Olivia has over 15 years in Marketing, Communications and Advertising experience in industries including Financial Services and Aged Care, and as Production Manager for iconic Australian fashion label Witchery. After studying Communication and Public Relations in both Australia and the USA, Olivia has managed roles in Advertising and Production including managing large scale print runs of signage, packaging, label and swing tags and managing the roll-out of advertising materials to stores in Australia and internationally. Olivia has used her experience in website design, media purchasing and campaign management to launch the REDEI rebranding from conception and she works diligently at implementing the corporate platform across the entire REDEI brand. Olivia can often also be found art directing and styling photographic shoots and even works behind the lens capturing images for REDEI. 

Stuart Brown
Production Manger - Redei Operations 
Stephen Treanor 
Production Assistant

Stuart has been working as an A grade electrician for Redei for the past 4 years.

With a background in commercial electronics Stuart is responsible in the overseeing of the production area including the diagnostics and building of our trademark REDEI batteries and managing all the day to day running of production.

Stephen has been at REDEI for over 5 years.

Stephen role as production assistant sees him working in all areas production including the production line elements when building the REDEI battery.

Stephen is also involved in the development of future REDEI batteries and has worked in solar installation at various sites throughout Victoria with the Redei Ecopower team.

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