The REDEI Mobile Power Centre (MPC) 2000 is

part of our classic range. It is a compact, all-in one
power solution, that allows the user to have
continuous AC and DC power at their fingertips.
This portable power supply unit is designed for
use in vehicles but can be used in other applications
both mobile and stationary. REDEIs Mobile
Power Centre is easy to install and use and can be
used in vehicles, caravans, campers, marine and
stationary applications. The REDEI Power Centre
takes power from a DC power input source, and
allows you to access that power via AC and DC
outlet sockets to plug in a diverse range of AC and
DC powered tools, appliances and instruments.


The REDEI Mobile Power Centre is the ideal solution to a wide
range of uses as it will power diverse range of AC and DC
appliances including;
CAMPING: Fridge freezers, microwave ovens, hair dryers, iron,
lighting, battery chargers, smart phones, laptops and fans.
TRADIES: AC power tools, drills, circular saws, heat guns,
mobile lathes (key cu!ing), computers, battery chargers &
soldering irons and other specialty equipment such as fibre
optic servicing and mobile speed cameras.
In its current configuration the REDEI Power Centre 2000
includes the following outlets:
• Single 230V AC GPO
• Dual USB Port 1.2A/2.5A with 5A push bu!on CB
• Single 12V Merit socket with 15A push bu!on CB
• Two 12V Cigar sockets each with 10A push
The REDEI MPC 2000 is a robust, Australian manufactured
product designed for harsh outback conditions.
REDEI can customise your MPC 2000 power outlets to meet
your needs with a 2-3 week lead time.

REDEI Mobile Power Centre 2000