The REDEI Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries overcome many of the limitations and risks associated with lead-acid batteries. The REDEI Battery range is designed to overcome the shortfalls of other Lithium-Ion batteries where inappropriate chemistry (high volatility) or incorrect selection of structural form (cylindrical cells versus satchels) may expose you to unnecessary and avoidable risks.

The REDEI range of Batteries are manufactured by REDEI under licence from Magefekt and come in a 12V, 24V and 48V Battery.



Top 25 Product Benefits:

  1. Unlimited Power Supply: When you need power back up then the REDEI Battery is for you. This battery keeps working when other Lithium batteries have switched off to protect themselves from high temperature. It operates in both AC and DC based systems.

  2. Safe form: For safety we only use steel cylindrical cells that cope best with external environmental changes. Unlike others, we don’t use cheap plastic satchels filled with similar LFP formulas to ours but need to be protected from the environment via complex battery management systems and artificial cooling. REDEI batteries cope with broad temperature variations, their cells cannot catch fire below 2600C and do not sustain fire.

  3. Safe chemistry: For safety we only use stable Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry suited to energy storage. For increased safety we avoid volatile cell chemistries like NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) that provide excellent power when installed in motor vehicles but provide as little as a quarter of the cycle life of a REDEI Battery at 100% Depth of Discharge and whose cells may explode or sustain fire when ruptured.

  4. Sun Smart: The REDEI Battery can operate in the harsh Australian climate without significant performance deterioration unlike Lead Acid products and many Lithium alternatives. Our operating temperature range for this high-performance battery is -20 Degrees Celsius to +60 Degrees Celsius.

  5. Energy Dense: The REDEI Battery has the smallest dimension to energy storage ratio of any Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) battery in the world as far as we know.

  6. Compact: 50% smaller than other Lithium Ion batteries and up to 80% smaller to some equivalent Lead Acid batteries means they can fit in small, out of sight, spaces for commercial and home energy storage use.

  7. Light weight: The REDEI Battery can be as much as 75% lighter lead acid alternatives.

  8. Cool battery: Unique and efficient design minimises heat generation and quickly removes that heat. The REDEI Battery is a “cool battery” not requiring artificial gel, liquid or air- conditioning to maximise battery life expectancy and protect users.

  9. Many uses: Being small, light and powerful means they are excellent sources of energy in mobile applications such as electric wheel chairs, bikes, caravans and trailers.

  10. Water resistant. When set up correctly can be submerged for short periods.

  11. High quality cells: Selected from internationally certified and reputable suppliers.

  12. Long life: With an estimated 3000 cycles at 1C 80% depth of discharge (DOD) from date of manufacture and up to 15,000 cycles at 1C 50% DOD (25+ years if cycled once daily)

  13. High performance: No other similar battery we know of can match our performance due to our unique manufacturing method and design.

  14. Fast charge and discharge capable: REDEI Batteries charge and discharge evenly through the pack thereby enabling faster charging and extended battery life.

  15. Durable, impact resistant case: Strong due to specially formulated urethane case 16. Power surge protect: Each battery has a fuse located on top of the battery. If used outside battery specs then a low cost fuse replacement should be all you require.

  16. No tampering: Our unique design means no tampering with internal components.

  17. Easily transported, installed and replaced: As each battery is 20kg or less it is easily carried and installed via simple Anderson connectors. Simply click and go.

  18. Low cost installation: As our batteries are light weight compared to Lead Acid batteries and many Lithium alternatives, they can be used in a diverse range of applications without heavy support structures.

  19. Superior shelf life: Our battery’s low self-discharge rate compared to lead acid means it can sit on a shelf for more than a year without being charged.

  20. Custom design: Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to change the capacity or voltage of the battery. This means our current size and form can be tailored to specific customer’s need.

  21. No dangerous gases: The dangers of lead-acid chemistry such as dealing with sulphuric acid and volatile gases i.e. hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide, requires external placement and venting. However, the REDEI Battery does not require similar external ventilation nor give off harmful gases, even when damaged.

  22. 100% capacity available: Our REDEI Batteries can deliver 100% of its rated Ah capacity. However, lead acid is only able to deliver 55% of its nominally rated Ah capacity. This is due to significant voltage drop as the lead acid battery capacity is reduced, making various application unavailable over time. Therefore, lead acid batteries usually require nearly twice the Ah ratings of LFP batteries.

  23. Australian owned company employing Australians: We manufacture our batteries in Australia and employ and skill Australians not import from multinationals.

  24. Local support & advice: REDEI provides system monitoring, service support, battery replacement and fault analysis. No foreign call centres are used.


































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